Prebuilt Entities

Teneo comes with an extensive set of predefined entities. These entities make use of different techniques, like hand-crafted lists or machine learned NER's, to extract an entity from an input. Entities will make the matched entity detailes available in one or more Entity variables. The %COUNTRY.ENTITY for example, not only provides the country name but also the capital and country code.

These are the entities that are available for English. Similar entities are available for French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish.

Entity NLU Variables Description Examples
%CITY.ENTITY sCity Common cities worldwide I live in Amsterdam.
%COLOR.ENTITY sColor Colors The Dutch flag is Red, White and Blue.
%COUNTRY.ENTITY sCountry, sCapital, sCountryCode Countries She lives in Spain.
%CULTURAL_GROUP.ENTITY sCulturalGroup Nationalities, ethnic groups, religious groups etc. Do you accept students from German universities?
I need to order special food on the flight, I am Muslim.
Mum is cooking great Arabic food.
%CURRENCY.ENTITY sCurrency, sCurrencyCode Currencies 50 SEK in zloty.
%CURRENCY_AMOUNT.ENTITY nNumber, sCurrency, sCurrencyCode Currencies combined with amounts That's 50 SEK.
My friend found $20 on the streets yesterday.
%EMAIL.ENTITY sEmail, bIsComplete Email addresses and flag to show email is valid and complete E-mail it to john.doe@artificial-
My email is tester at yahoo dot com
%EVENT.ENTITY sEvent Events, national holidays, treaties, awards/prices etc. Who won the Oscar's last night?
Where are you celebrating Christmas this year?
The treaty of Versailles was signed in 1919.
%FACILITY.ENTITY (BETA) sFacility Buildings, airports, train stations, public transport lines, hospitals etc. I want to fly from Newark to LAX.
Have you ever visited the Empire state building?
What year was the Brooklyn Bridge built?
%FICTIONAL_FIGURE.ENTITY (BETA) sFictionalFigure Fictional figures, cartoons etc. Who do you think you are, Superman?
He was wearing a black coat, a bit like Batman’s.
I don't believe in Santa Claus.
%FULL_DATE.ENTITY sFullDate Full dates (Year, month, day). I was born on April 7th, 1991.
The ticket was issued 23 Jan 2017.
I have been a customer since 14-03-2015.
%GEOGRAPHY.ENTITY sGeography Non-political geographical entities: mountains, bodies of water, planets, moons, suns etc. How many rings does Saturn have in total?
Who was the first one to climb Mount Everest?
How big is the Sahara Desert?
%IP_ADDRESS.ENTITY sIpAddress IP addresses Connect to
%KNOWN_FIGURE.ENTITY (BETA) sKnownFigure Known, public (non-fictional) figures Barack Obama was the President of the United States for 8 years.
I am a big fan of Meryl Streep.
Play a song from Justin Bieber.
%KNOWN_GROUP.ENTITY (BETA) sKnownGroup Known groups and bands Play a nice song by The Beatles.
I liked the latest Coldplay album.
Another song from Metallica please.
%LANGUAGE.ENTITY sLanguage Languages Do you have this document in Swedish?
Translate ‘hello’ to Hindi.
I speak thee languages: Polish, English and Urdu.
%LOCATION.ENTITY sLocation Geopolitical locations (humans made the borders) Including: Continents, Countries, States, Counties, Cities, Neighbourhoods etc. I was born in California.
I want to fly from Paris to London.
What time does the ferry to Staten Island depart?
%MED_CHEM.ENTITY (BETA) sMedChem Medical/chemicals: Chemical substances, named diseases, and drugs Is there a vaccine for Malaria?
Who really discovered the Penicillin? Find me information about Iodine.
%MONTH.ENTITY sMonth Months Sometimes it snows in April
Let's meet in feb
%NUMBER.ENTITY nNumber Written numbers up to hundred. Any numerical digit. That was fifty years ago. That's 122 years from now.
%ORDINAL.ENTITY sOrdinal, nNumber Ordinals She came in 1st.
He came in second.
%ORGANIZATION.ENTITY sOrganization Organizations: companies or a division of a company, universities, schools, embassies, religious organizations, political parties etc. I work at Apple.
What is the e-mail address to
I studied at Harvard University.
%PERSON.ENTITY sPerson Name of persons, including titles and surnames if present My name is Mrs Johnsson.
The ticket is booked in the name
Joanne Stevens.
Send a text to John please.
%PRODUCT.ENTITY sProduct Product or brand names or organization names used as products in the context I drive a BMW.
How much is the new iPhone X?
Can you open Facebook and make a post for me?
%SPORT.ENTITY (BETA) sSport Sports teams, sports organizations, sporting events Miami Dolphins is a good team!
I want to watch the winter Olympics.
Who won the FIFA world cup?
%STREET_ADDRESS.ENTITY (BETA) sStreetAddress Street name and street number when applicable I live on 2967 Washington st.
What time does the office on Birch avenue open?
I recently moved to 23 Main street.
%TEMPERATURE.ENTITY nNumber, sUnit Temperatures combined with amounts It was 38 degrees celcius yesterday.
Wow, what a coincidence, it's 38 °F where I live!
%UNIQUE_IDENTIFIER.ENTITY sUniqueIdentifier Unique identifiers: Product numbers, phone numbers, user names, member numbers etc. My phone number is 123-44 43 33.
I have a bonus card with number ebb123523111.
When will 103-121-111 be in stock again?
%URL.ENTITY sUrl URLs (also partial / truncated URLs) Open
Go to page
Take me to cnn dot com
%WEEKDAY.ENTITY sWeekday All days of the week I don't like Mondays.
Friday I'm in love.
%WORK_OF_ART.ENTITY (BETA) sWorkOfArt Work of art: songs, albums, movies, books, video games etc. Do you read the Bible?
Play Diamond’s with Rihanna.
Download Frankenstein movie.
%ZIP_CODE.ENTITY sZipCode Zip codes My zip is V0G 1Y0.
My address is 24 Main street 23212 New York.
%ZODIAC_SIGN.ENTITY sZodiacSign Zodiac signs They say pisces are compassionate, but don't like to be criticized.
My mother is a .

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