Flow variables

Flow variables allow you to remember details during the processing of a flow. Anything you store in a flow variable will be forgotten once the flow has finished processing. If you want to share information between flows, you have to use global variables instead.

Create a Flow Variable

To create a flow variable you open a flow in 'Edit' mode, go to the 'FLOW' tab of a flow and select 'Variables' in the navigation bar on the left. Click on 'Add' in the upper right corner, and provide a name and a default value. In the example below, we have two variables, flavor and size, which both have an empty string "" as the default value.

In Teneo, variables may be of any type that Groovy (and Java) supports, for example strings, booleans, maps, lists and custom objects.

Populate a Flow Variable

In your flow, you can populate a flow variable using a script or you can store the results of an integration or a sub-flow in a variable.

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