Sometimes your bot will not understand what the user says. It is thus important that your solution contains a fallback flow that deals with user inputs that are not understood. In Teneo, we usually call such a flow a Safetynet flow.

Matches anything and is tested last

The Safetynet flow consists of a syntax trigger with nothing but a star (*) as a language condition. The reason for this is that the Safetynet flow needs to be true for any input. To work as intended, Teneo must test all other triggers before falling back to the Safetynet trigger. The Safetynet trigger must thus be placed at the bottom of the trigger ordering.

A flow like any other flow

Apart from having a very generous language condition, a Safetynet flow is like any other flow. It may be triggered when there is no other active flow in process, or in the middle of some other flow as in the following example:

User: I would like to order a flat white Bot: What size would you like?

User: ajkfhh (the coffee order flow is interrupted and the Safetynet is triggered)
Bot: I'm sorry but I didn't get that. (Safetynet response is given)

Bot: Let's continue with your order. What size would you like? (the order coffee flow is resumed)

One and the same Safetynet flow may thus cater for non-understood inputs in all sorts of contexts!

Pre-built Safetynet flow

The Teneo Dialogue Resources come with a pre-built Safetynet flow. You find it in the 'Safetynet' folder.

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