Currency Conversion

The Currency Conversion solution contains an example flow to convert one currency to another.


Core concepts

  • Slot filling
  • Number recognition
  • Integration
  • Listeners

Example conversations

User: Can you convert currencies?

Bot: Which currency would you like to convert from?
User: Dollars

Bot: To which currency would you like to convert USD?
User: Euro

Bot: 1.00 USD is worth EUR 0.88.


User: Can you convert to zloty?

Bot: Which currency would you like to convert from?
User: SEK

Bot: 1.00 SEK is worth PLN 0.42.


User: 15 euro in canadian dollars
Bot: 15.00 EUR is worth CAD 22.65.


User: 5 pounds

Bot: To which currency would you like to convert GBP?
User: Yen

Bot: 5.00 GBP is worth JPY 727.36.

Solution components

This solution contains the following components:

Name Type Description
Currency Conversion Folder Folder with subfolders for the flows and language objects in this solution.
Convert Currency Flow Slot filling flow. Allows user to specify currency to convert from, currency to convert to and an optional amount. Stored in the Currency Conversion > Flows folder.
MAIN_CURRENCIES_WITH_VARIABLES.ENTITY Entity Entity containing currencies and their currency code. If during testing you find a particular currency which is not recognized, you can add it here.
Convert Currency Integration Integration Integration to convert currencies.
Currency Conversion Syntax Triggers Order group Order group which contains the syntax triggers for this solution.

Make sure you check for possible conflicts before you import this solution into an existing solution (merge solutions).


To convert currencies, the solution contains an integration which uses The exchange rate data is updated once every 24 hours.


  1. Download the solution from the following link: Currency Conversion.solution
  2. Import the solution into Teneo studio. See How to import solutions for more details.
  3. Once imported, please make sure to assign the Lexical Resources called 'Teneo Lexical Resource English'.

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